R32 Front bumper Splitter Lip

59,00  z vključenim 22% DDV.

Front bumper Splitter (FRP) – grey gelcoat finished or black gelcoat finished
Fits on VW Golf Mk5 1K 2003-2010 R32

1. Item is made from hight quality fiberglass, 2 layers of grey gelcoat, and 3 layers of 300g matting.
2. It is necessary to fit it before paint. Some times that could include cutting, drilling or even relamination.
3. There could be some marks of demolding on surface, it needs to be sprayed with filler before painting.
4. Before ordering this product, make sure that you or your bodyhop has expirence with fitting fiberglass parts.
5. It is not OEM part, but aftermarket.
6. Fitting material is included.
7. Product doesnt have TUV/RTI certificate.